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Steinhatchee & Appalachicola Fishing Spots - Big Bend Numbers

Steinhatchee & Appalachicola Fishing Spots - Big Bend Numbers

This recently updated fishing spots package has two options for our nature coast anglers. These fishing spots span an area from Crystal River to St Vincent's Island. There are both nearshore and offshore spots. Spots are available in two options: public and Private. Private numbers include over 500 ledges, 300 Artificial reefs, and 600 plus sections of hard bottom. Some of the hard-bottom locations are hundreds of acres in size.

Our options:

  1. Private Spots - 1,278 Fishing spots, including great ledges, rocky hard bottom, and artificial private reefs.
  2. Public Spots - 510 Fishing Spots covering debris, construction materials, tires, and public reefs and wrecks brought to you at a low cost
  3. All Spots - Pay for option 2 and get the public spots on the same file at no charge

The Nature Ccoast is one of the truly magnificent areas to fish as there is not a lot of pressure on the fish in this area. Nearshore anglers will be able to spot and find Snook, Trout, and Redfish. Those with the capabilities and equipment/tackle to head offshore to deep water will be looking to land Groupers, an assortment of Snappers, and many other types of reef species.

With almost 1800 fishing spots to choose from in this area, including various nearshore and offshore spots, anglers will have endless opportunities to catch a wide range of fish. This package covers it from Snook, Trout, and Redfish near the shore to Groupers, Snappers, and other reef fish out in the deep waters. With the nature coast's low fishing pressure, anglers can enjoy the magnificent fishing experience in this area.

Compatible with Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, Raymarine, B&G, Humminbird and Furono MFDs. Also, the apps from those manufacturers, Any mobile device or tablet running GPS Mapping software like Active Captain, Navionics, Aquamaps, Base Camp, GPX Studio, Google Earth,  and many others.

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