About Fish On

Over the last 10 years, we have collected one of the largest private collections of unique saltwater fishing spots in the US. We started fishing in our home waters of the Gulf of Mexico and have expanded to include the Southern Atlantic Seaboard as well.

Soon we will also have Northern Atlantic, Pacific and Great Lakes packages.

Our Spots are carefully selected for where you can find the type of bottom and structure that typically holds fish. Our mission is simple, we want to help you find fish, save gas and make great memories.

About our Spots:

Our spots come from many sources - recently we have been exhaustively researching high resolution imagery of bottom scans from reputable sources. These high resolution scans can show us where good places to fish are, and we generate precise coordinates for these on an ongoing basis. Ledges and rockpiles like the next few images will tell us where we can expect to find... Fish!



We have procured many of our spots from numerous from retired captains, commercial fisherman, private trades, and generous donations. We've also imported tens of thousands of spots that were scanned from printed paper. 




Currently we have packaged all of our spots into regional locations from North Carolina to Texas. From coastal bays and shore lines to deep offshore peaks, ledges, potholes, and pinnacles and all points in between.

We offer packages of numbers to suit different fishing styles. Inshore and Coastal numbers for those that like to stay in sight of land, inter-coastal and bay packages to deep/far offshore Swordfish and Marlin spots where you can find those trophy size pelagic fish.

We offer these for one simple reason, so you can find fish faster, save some gas, and have a much more enjoyable time on the water. Make sure you follow our Facebook Page, soon we'll have content to share to help you catch more fish, how to read your bottom machine, and show you how to find good bottom. In no time, we can have you finding fish, and getting your Fish On!!

More regional areas and numbers packages will be added in the near future as we find more fish, locations, and good bottom. 

Keep in mind, we are building and growing, there may be some bumps along the way with design, functionality and time to assemble our data into packages and marketing efforts

More to come...Peace and tight lines! .

~ Team Fish On!