Managing GPX files may sound cumbersome, however its not that bad once you understand a few basic concepts. 
  1. All modern chart plotter manufacturers typically have an SD card slot and provide mobile application support for importing and exporting waypoints(GPS based data) using GPX formatted files. The types of files we provide upon completion of placing an order.  
  2. These same applications typically connect via Wifi to chart plotters for transferring and syncing waypoints. 

Here is a brief tutorial on how to open your files into either Garmin's Active Captain or Navionics Boating HD application.

  • Step 1 find the email you recieved from FishOn. Make sure you check your spam folder.

Click on View your order. That will take you to our site and your account dashboard.

Before you tap download, make sure you have the correct application installed on your mobile device for your plotter. Or if you are using Navionics make sure that is installed first.

Once the file downloads, you should have an option to open the file. Different versions of Androids or Iphones may behave differently. Some may open the file in the wrong application. If this is the case you will need to find where the file is downloaded to, there are many file manager application available on the App store or Play store.

When you tap open, you should be able to select what application you want to open the file with. 

Just tap the application you want to open the file(s) you purchased and it will open for you. Keep in mind that some larger files can take a couple of minutes to import. Be patient, when the import finishes you should see all the spots.