How to Import Spots - Garmin/Simrad MFD's

How to Import from an SD Card

If you have purchased a Fish On GPX spot package with our Premium Fishing Spots. There are a few things you should know in order to successfully import our fishing spots package into your GPS machine.
  1. It's not automatic!! No manufacturer offers the option to insert a card and have the spots show up on your charts. YOU MUST IMPORT THEM!
  2. Most modern machines will prompt you to do something when you insert the card. You need to import the waypoints using the files menu(Simrad) or manage user data (Garmin)
  3. We have a couple of videos that explain this in detail. Please take the time to watch the Simrad video, even if you use another manufacturer as the terminology is the same. All modern devices have almost the exact same steps.

Simrad Manage and Import GPX files


Garmin Working with GPX files

Garmin devices manufactured in the last 5 years or so should automatically prompt you to manage the card when you insert it into your machine. Newer touch machines have the SD slot on the back, many models have it on the front. Such as the 76XX series.