Why buy fishing spots?


There are several great reasons! Let's talk a little bit about what spots are first. 

1. Spots are a great way to find fish, but not every spot will be the ultimate honey hole. They are 100% fact based known structures where fish will likely be found. They will help you find the types of places fish congregate.

Spots can be reefs, ledges, hard bottom, swiss cheese bottom aka grouper bottom, live bottom, coral heads, limestone boulders, springs and man made debris fields. Most are naturally formed structures where fishermen are highly successful at finding fish.  

Take for example the image below, an impressive pile of limestone rocks typically found in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This type of bottom provides habitat and shelter for a wide variety of species. 

2. Spots will let you examine the bottom around our numbers to get familiar with what you are looking at. Hard bottom, ledges, rock piles and underwater man made reefs will be recognizable on todays modern chart plotters with Sonar capabilities.

3. Our packages contain either several hundred or several thousands of spots. With a trial and error approach you can check multiple spots until you see a good 'show' on your bottom machine.

4. Once you are proficient at reading bottom, in the vicinity of our numbers, you will start discovering your own 'new' spots.