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We are creating one of the largest private collections of fishing spots. Locations where you can find the type of bottom structure that typically holds fish. We procure spots from many different sources from retired captains, GenAI analysis of NOAA bottom scans, and a select group of fishermen in our network that believe in sharing vital information. 

Currently we have over 15000 spots all over the west coast of Florida, the Florida Keys, and the South Florida/Miami areas. More areas and numbers will be added as we progress and learn more from our members. 

We offer packages of numbers to suit different fishing styles. Inshore Tampa Bay, Near shore packages and deep far offshore spots where you can find the trophy size fishes. 

We offer these for one simple reason, so you can find fish faster and save gas. With help from our Facebook Group the West Coast Waterman, we can get you on good bottom, learn how to read your bottom machine, and get your Fish On!!


More to come...Peace and tight lines! WCW Admin

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